For my current dissertation I have been researching (very lightly) on the parallels between art and archaeology and how this is displayed in certain spaces. One piece I came across was a speech by Douglas Bailey entitled ‘Art to Archaeology to Archaeology to Art’ – in which he mentions a few artists and states that both the work of art and archaeology tackle the issues of what it means to be human. 

I thought I would collate some of the artists images on here and see if anybody out there could point me in the direction of some more? 

Tate Thames Dig – Mark Dion (1999)

Trench 10 (Segsbury Project) – Simon Callery (2003)

Richard Long

A Circle in the Andes – Richard Long

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy

Adam Burthom

Adam Burthom





Tomorrow (09/05/2013) York St Mary’s reopens it’s doors to the public, after dismantling the hugely popular Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition, showing it’s newest instalment coming from the acclaimed potter Julian Stair. Tonight I had the privilege of seeing the exhibition, ‘The Matter of Life and Death’ be opened in the atmospheric building that is the deconsecrated church of St Mary’s.


Stair, acting as both artist and curator, is showing pieces from his own work alongside archaeological remains from within the York Museum Trusts collection. All works shown focus upon the rituals that surround death, an ever present theme within history, art, and religious spaces. This exhibition reflects on the history of death, and allows visitors to realise that whilst religions have changed and developed, death still remains an integral part of these.


Stairs fantastic pieces juxtapose and yet fit neatly within the historical artefacts, with pieces being exhibited in a procession like manner down the nave of the church. . On white box display stands between the Egyptian and medieval organ containers are Stairs pieces, that are only distinguishable from the artefacts by their clean cut lines and perfect finishes. The colours are earth like, similar to those pieces shown from the museums collections. Whilst at the furthest end, there are two examples of coffins, one is the eerie body shaped cast from an early burial, the other a modern coffin with no resemblance to the human form. Yet both are easily recognisable as vessels and resting places for a human body. This hints towards the bigger meaning for Stair that “we can still relate to these objects and be moved by them because the feelings which inspired their creation haven’t changed’ (Julian Stair, 2013).

The whole exhibition works in harmony, the space is beautifully used, the pieces reflect a message from within the space, and the pieces are exquisite. The exhibition is free and in the centre of York, it is perfect to visit on a lunch break and I definitely recommend it – I know I will be going back!


For more information visit : Stair

Sorry to be posting this everywhere, but I would really appreciate it if you could take just five minutes to fill in this very quick survey about the use of gallery/museum exhibition tickets. I will be really helpful to an essay I am writing for my University course. 

Thank you! 

Please share it with everybody you know too! 

I’m trying to organise various trips to see various exhibitions and events, so I thought I may as well share what I want to see on here, so in no particular order…

  1. The Angel of the Odd. Dark Romanticism from Goya to Max Ernst at the Musee d’Orsay – I think this exhibition will be an interesting contrast to the Pre-Raphaelite exhibition that recently graced the rooms of the Tate Britain. Its main premises is to explore the growing fascination in the 1800’s with the macabre and mysterious, in both literature and art.  More information here 
  2. Glam! The Performance of Style at Tate Liverpool – Displaying over a 100 objects this exhibition promises to be an explosion of colour and everything exaggerated to the extreme, highlighting artistic developments during the 1970’s across Britain, Europe and North America. More information here
  3. From Enlightenment to Romanticism at the British Museum – A study day that will talk through the worlds of Enlightened Grand Tourists, public science, Sir John Soane and the British Museum’s Enlightenment Gallery. It sounds a fascinating study day and what a brilliant place to hold it. More information here
  4. David Maljkovic, Sources in the air at the Baltic – This exhibition promises to be a large scale overview of Maljkovic’s work, from his earliest work to his present day work. The Baltic simply showing doing what it does best, exhibiting contemporary art. More information here
  5. Artists in Conversation at the Hepworth Wakefield – For only £5 you have the chance to hear the artists from the Hepworth’s spring exhibitions, Alice Channer, Jessica Jackson Hutchinson, and Linder Sterling talk about their pieces. More information here –
  6. Painted Pomp: Art and Fashion in the Age of Shakespeare at The Holburne Museum – Painted Pomp is an exhibition of some of the finest Jacobean portraits, shown alongside a variety of artefacts, including exquisite examples of clothing and accessories. More information here
  7. An introduction to the Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition at York St. Mary’s – to go alongside the Aesthetica Art Prize 2013 exhibition being held at York St Mary’s there will be a talk running to give a brief insight into the works that will be on show, the exhibition itself is going to be fantastic, and the talk I’m sure will be incredibly insightful! More information here and here
  8. Yinka Shonibare: Fabrication at Yorkshire Sculpture Park – Taking place across the galleries and sites at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, the exhibition will show a variety of works in different mediums, with 30 works being shown in total. YSP’s exhibitions are always exciting and innovative and this will be no different. More information here
  9. David Bowie is at the Victoria and Albert Museum – This exhibition will be a retrospective of the extraordinary career of David Bowie. It will highlight pieces from his extensive archive and also Bowie’s collaborations with artists and designers in various fields. More information here


I’m sure I shall accumulate more as I look further into what is going on this year. Can anyone suggest anything that should not be missed?


Since September 2012 I have been interning at Lotherton Hall and Leeds Art Gallery, curating an exhibition entitled ‘The Gascoignes: Prints and Drawings from the family collection’. It has been an amazing experience and one that has taught me so many skills. I have certainly benefited from it a lot, and I would encourage anybody interested to look at the internship programme that Leeds Galleries and Museums offer – they are incredibly kind and willing to help, and such great mentors.

Whilst it did open in January, today was a private viewing for my family, friends, and colleagues from the Leeds sites. I managed to sneak a few photographs of it at the end, when nobody was in the room and I thought I would share them with you, enjoy! Go visit if you are in the area, Lotherton Hall is a fantastic gem and definitely worth seeing.


I will propose that the relationship between the museum and the public must be understood as a revolution in process, a revolution in the most fundamental sense of that term… In their emerging new relationship – already to be glimpsed in a myriad of ways – it will be the public, not the museum, that occupies the superior position.

Shelia Watson

‘Museums and Their Communities’ Routledge, 2007, page 33 



This is a fascinating quote. Do we agree? As museums, and cultural institutes, become more focused on particpatory techniques, are the public gaining an ‘upper-hand’ so to speak – can they demand what they want for museums, and how far should museums go to please this new relationship, without breaking old ones?

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park just outside of Wakefield is an open air gallery and exhibition site that displays a variety of contemporary sculpture in an extraordinary setting. I tend to visit in summer, when the colours of the landscape really compliment the sculptures themselves, but yesterday I visited and seeing the sculptures stand out against the stark white landscape was amazing. I thought I would share some photos that I took which will hopefully inspire everybody to visit! Starting with delicious food from the cafe.

IMG_3115 IMG_3105 IMG_3098 IMG_3094 IMG_3068 IMG_3066 IMG_3058 IMG_3045